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Homecoming Show

Last night, it was our great pleasure to perform The Jeweler's Shop: a meditation on the sacrament of matrimony, passing on occasion into a drama at our home parish: St Mary Catholic Church in Richmond, VA.

This performance was extra special because Richard and I were married here almost one year ago!! It felt like a reception -- our audience ranged from friends, family, parishioners, co-workers and folks we had the pleasure of meeting that night. Praise be to God!

Whenever we perform this play and Richard and I play the young couple in Act III, I always feel like we are getting married all over again. That was particularly true last night.

We performed in the Daily Mass chapel at St Mary's, performing in an adjusted forced thrust configuration (for all of you theatre geeks out there). This meant that we had audiences on 2 sides of us (forced thrust should have it on 3 sides, but at St. Mary's the presider's chair and lectern were on the 3rd side). This was a first for us, challenging our actors to play to all sides and to keep our angles so that the audience never had to strain to see. The altar was in the middle of our playing space, bringing the Lord and the symbol of the sacrament of matrimony even more deeply into the play. For example, when STEFAN, the husband of the troubled couple, is seeking out his bride ANNA after a long time apart, the altar was the bridge between them. He had to travel around the altar, unable to miss its significance in his journey to reconciliation with ANNA.

Thank you to all who joined us this night -- welcoming us back from Poland at our home parish! Thank you St Mary's, Father Michael Renninger, Sister Pat and Joyce Park for inviting us and making it so easy for us!

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