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Event Coordinator

Adam Stynchula

Adam has worked with Richmond Catholic Theatre in multiple capacities, notably with our World Youth Day Youth Festival performances of The Jeweler's Shop in 2016, he is the Catholicpalooza event coordinator. Adam is also the Catholic music artist Wafers 3D.

Executive Producer

Richard Arena

Co-Founder of Richmond Catholic Theatre.

A true Renaissance man, Richard is an engineer by trade, but also a comedian, artist, puppy whisperer, actor, husband and the creative-type.  When he is not using CAD and 3D printing, he is with his wife, making spaghetti, playing music, or punning jokes.

Richard is a natural leader, with the rare skill to listen to multiple perspectives and t  guide the group to the best decision.  Always positive and filled with enthusiasm, follow-through, passion and efficient work habits, Richard is ready to spring to action.  As Executive Producer, Richard ensures that each performance goes off without a hitch.

Executive Director

Christine Arena

Co-founder of Richmond Catholic Theatre.

A visionary since directing her first Catholic production at James Madison University 6 years ago, Christine felt the calling to merge her passion for history, culture, theatre and God into something beautiful to benefit others.  A strong woman, fierce friend, and a loving wife, she strives for top tier quality in everything she does, continuously working to learn and grow.

A graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Graduate Theatre Program, Christine's dramaturgy credits include Tom Stoppard's Arcadia at James Madison University, and Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld(Orphée aux Enfers) at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Music Lyric Theatre; her directing credits include assistant director for Henley Street Theatre Company's Julius Caesar, and The Jeweler's Shop: a meditation on the sacrament of matrimony, passing on occasion into a drama both with James Madison University Stratford Players and Richmond Catholic Theatre; her acting credits include STAGE MANAGER (Our Town), MATTHEW (Cotton Patch Gospel), TERESA (The Jeweler's Shop), ANNA (The Jeweler's Shop), and MONICA (The Jeweler's Shop).

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