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Board of Directors

Jordan Beardslee

Chairman of the Board

Jordan is an avid motorcyclist, adventurer, soccer player, Dallas Cowboys fan, bourbon enthusiast, and loving husband. In his spare time, he works diligently as an analyst at Capital One supporting credit card technology development. He holds his faith in utmost importance and is enthusiastic in sharing it with those around him, knowing that meeting people where they are is imperative to making lasting connections. Jordan is passionate and supportive of Richmond Catholic Theatre because of the way reaches and connects people through a common interest focused on entertainment while remaining grounded in faith. He believes that the arts is an untapped market for developing faith and sharing the Good News of Christ and hopes that Richmond Catholic Theatre will be a catalyst for an increase in love and community.

Nicholas Setliff

Treasurer of the Board

Nick is a constant reader, automotive fan, camper, and loving husband.  In his free time he works with his dog, enjoys the outdoors, and explores whatever topic is currently interesting.  He grew up in a Christian family and became a Catholic in 2012 while attending Saint Louis University and pursuing a PhD in philosophy.  

Nick is excited about and supportive of Richmond Catholic Theatre as an organization seeking to shape the character and passion of the community.  Theatre and its enjoyment have built and sustained the cultures and dreams of communities and individuals from antiquity and continues to have those effects on audiences today.  Through the theatrical presentation of values and ways of life, Nick hopes Richmond Catholic Theatre will invite you to a deeper reflection on the core values of your life, and especially to a deeper relationship with the Divine.

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