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Swing Into Summer Silent Auction

When we first developed our date night program, one of the hallmarks of the program was to keep the date nights affordable. We are so glad to work with Common House Richmond and with Grace Street Seven, both of which bring a beauty and goodness to the date nights. We know how hard it is to set time aside to focus just on each other, but also that finances are a big barrier to maintaining a habit of regular date nights. So, affordability is crucial - we purposefully keep our date nights at less than $60 per couple!

One of the ways we have accomplished this in the past has been with event sponsors. As we got closer to the June 30th date night, we were still without an overall event sponsor, and moreover, we didn't have the crowd we were hoping for in order to keep the date nights going at this price point. So, we decided to postpone the event until the fall.

To be honest, this was a disappointing decision, but we can now see the work that the Lord has opened for us in a different way.... Let me explain...

Early on in the planning for the Summer date night, the idea of a silent auction at the date night to help support future events was proposed. Here was a way to get local businesses involved while also finding groups and organizations that would be further support families who attend our date nights! When we decided to cancel, we realized that these organizations that we had already partnered with for the auction would still benefit folks, and that the auction could take place virtually! A win-win!

So, that is what we have decided to do -- to bring you this great silent auction that will support your family this summer with some excellent collaborations with organizations both locally and nationally, and then take that support to further our date nights in the fall.

We are so grateful! Sign up today!

Join us and share with your friends and family -- the more the merrier!


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