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Pilgrim's Journey, part 1

The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind!

Yesterday's performance was truly great- we had a big audience, international perspective, and we went to mass just beforehand, which gave us the peace we needed for a beautiful show!

Production wise, all went off without a hitch: the music was timed perfectly, the lighting was bright, and the film crew was there to capture it all! Again, a special thanks to Marcin for all the hard work to help us make this happen!

Thank you all for the support this far and the continued support for the production of the film post-Poland!!! We have been able to take care of all the expenses necessary this far in being the film team there and they flew back today! Please pray for their safe travels home.

The final event is a campout for the vigil at Campus Misericordiae (Mercy Field) and then morning mass on Sunday with the Pope.

We left the city at 7-8am on Saturday, packed for a night's sleep. We hopped on the tram one last time-- and yes, this was still shoulder to shoulder for about 30 minutes until we hopped off to begin our walk. We later learned that the tram had cut off 4 of our 10 mile hike one way. As it was growing hotter, nobody argued, and we picked up our food for the next 24 hours from a checkpoint run by the military. I guess it takes the armed forces to hand out 2 million bagged meals :-) We kept on walking.

After arriving at the park, we still had to walk another half mile just to get to our designated spot. It was 11:30 am. We spread out and set up our sleeping bags and such and waited as the rest of the world to arrive. They did indeed.

Over a few hours time, rivers of people with their blue, red, and yellow backpacks and headbands came streaming through the gates with their flags and gear. Almost every square foot of the grass seemed covered. You were stepping in other people or their gear as you dated venture in search of the bathrooms... It was amazing that all 2 million of us fit on these huge fields.

To be continued...

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