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We cannot do it all

As World Youth Day has drawn nearer, the reality of the hugeness of the festival, complications of performances (let alone international ones), and the relatively shallow relationships between cast members grew as a storm cloud looming overhead. Doubts, frustrations, busy schedules, and terror attacks all seemed to increase and I found myself wondering how we were going to do it all. Today, in the presence of Our Lady of Częstochowa, it became clear : we weren't. We cannot do it all. Only with our Father can it be done.

This pilgrimage is a response to a call, and the performances too are "yeses" to His call. We are here to give glory to God! We are here to be the divine spark that through the Holy Spirit sets the world ablaze.

Once that message came through, peace followed and the cast drew in tighter, choosing to pilgrimage together, relating the play to the call of each moment, challenging each other to go beyond and to fully trust Him, He Who called us all.

Please continue to pray for us as World Youth Day gets underway!

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