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Sugar City, Colorado

In 1891, the National Beet Sugar Company founded Sugar City as the location for their new beet processing plant. It would be the only independently operated sugar plant in the United States. Completing the factory in 1900, the town of Sugar City was incorporated in June 1900. 

The industry caused a miniature boom, becoming the fastest growing town in the county by October of the same year. Due to the increase in population, by 1911 Crowley County was established enveloping Sugar City, but passing her by for Ordway to become the new county seat. 

Sugar City was once located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, which was developed in 1887. 

The land in Sugar City was well-irrigated due to its vicinity to Lake Meredith and thus ideal for farming. 

The main industry of the town, the Sugar Beet Factory closed in 1967.


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