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On Sept 28, 2019, Richmond Catholic Theatre initiated the 12 Hour Peter Pan Project to Uplift the Dignity of the Human Person. 

Beginning at 9a on September 28, artists (designers, actors, production crew and directors) began work on the production of Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up by J.M. Barrie, in a new version by John Caird and Trevor Nunn, with the expectation to bring it forth onstage for an audience only 10 hours later. The community joined us at 7 pm at Grace Street Theatre, Richmond, Virginia to see our production, the proceeds of which benefitted three organizations that support and uplift the dignity of the immigrant population in different ways to be the beneficiaries of the proceeds of this project:

Immigrant Families Together: This organization works directly with reuniting families after they've been released from Border Patrol or ICE. Entirely a volunteer organization, all funds go to reuniting families.

The Annunciation House: The organization 3 operates houses for refugees and migrants. They have taken on a great deal of the burden in the El Paso/Juarez area and have become a pretty large public voice.

Catholic Relief Services in South America: Providing direct relief to families in Central America (which could help relieve the exodus, because if it was safe and they could feed their families, it is doubtful they'd make the very perilous journey to the border to be turned away or be in facilities that were not designed for the current volume. They'd more likely stay home.)

We asked everyone we worked with to donate their time -- we are committed to paying everyone for every hour worked with all of our other productions, but for this production, donated time meant more for these men, women and children at the border.


We raised $3,256 for these three organizations and cemented a community committed to dignity!

Thank you all!

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